History of the Black Rose Society

Order of the Black Rose

A History of the Order


At the 1998 NCOCR convention in Charlotte, the members approved the “Society of the Black Rose” as a part of the state organization. The goals of the founder Yvonne Brown was to organize a statewide network to help with memorial services, to enlighten the men and ladies to proper persona and to offer services or assist with services locally, statewide and services in other states by invitation. The Society of the Black Rose was named in honor of the greatest widow in the Confederacy who risked her personal safety for the Confederate Cause and lost her life trying to help The Cause, Rose O’Neal Greenhow. Yvonne’s vision is to have the Society of the Black Rose under one umbrella with members in every chartered state society. There would be no need for a state society to organize an individual state Society of Black Rose. Yvonne wanted all Order of Confederate Rose members in every state to be organized and is opened to any dues-paying member of the OCR (no additional dues required).

The structure is setup to have a “Keeper of the Rite” in every state. She would serve as a contact person and keeper of the services that can be adopted to help the SCV or anyone honoring a Confederate or a Confederate Memorial in their region. She would also keep a list of current members with in her state including phone numbers to call members when widows were needed. Yvonne Brown designed a certificate of membership and a broach type pin for all states to use. Her dream is for all members of the Society of the Black Rose in all states to be recognized with the same membership certificate, and broach type pin so the participating states would not have any extra expense. When called upon members Society of the Black Rose can go to any state and participate as a War Between the States widow and they are immediately recognized.

Yvonne also appointed a Society Black Rose secretary to keep a list of members per state, completing the official membership certificate, mailing the certificate(s) to your states Keeper of the Rite, along with the official broach/pin if purchased separately for $15.00. At every OCR Confederation Convention the Black Rose secretary gives a list of all black rose members to the individual state presidents and asks that the Keeper of the Rite checks the list to make sure all members have their certificates and/or pins.

The Society of the Black Rose is a volunteer order to perpetuate the persona of a War Between the States widow at SCV functions, memorial services, grave dedications, etc. This includes Women, Men and Children. There are now Black Rose Societies in North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Tennessee, and Louisiana with other states in the process of organizing. There is a need for this group and the services we can offer. The Society of the Black Rose can assist locally in small groups with memorial services or programs, and with other states for special services, just to name a few.

Alabama, it was a most humbling honor and privilege to be our oldest Confederate widow, Mrs. Alberta Martin’s official ladies in mourning. Member of the Black Rose traveled from NC, SC, TN, LA, TX, VA, and GA.

Patrick County, Virginia, the JEB Stuart Foundation was our first statewide program and has since become an annual event for the Black Rose.

Charleston, South Carolina, for the reinterment of the 22 sailors, and one child whose remains were exhumed from beneath the Citadel football stadium as well as the Hunley Funeral.

Lafayette, Louisiana, Chretien Point Plantation Memorial Service. Roses that participated were from LA, NC, SC, MD, and TX. I hope that the visitors will long remember the sacrifices made that day by the men of the 4th, 5th, 7th Texas, Val Verde Battery and Semmes Battery.

Charleston, South Carolina, members of the Black Rose including the states of SC, NC, TN, MS, MD, FL, TX, CA, LA, VA, and GA attended the Hunley Funeral in 2004. Johanna Pate of Louisiana was asked to represent OCR and all state donated money for a wreath for one of the Hunley crew.

Wilmington, North Carolina, Rose O’Neal Greenhow’s 150th   remembrance of her death.

Black Rose members from NC, SC, TN, MD, OH, and GA attended the service, i.e. we now have our (OCR) grave marker symbol on our namesake’s grave.

Union County, North Carolina, Miss Mattie Clyburn Rice real daughter’s memorial service was once again attended by members from NC, SC, TN, MD, VA, GA and about 300 other Confederates. Again we placed another (OCR) grave marker symbol on her stone.

North Carolina, we have assisted with a re-interment in Raleigh and Richmond. On Confederate Memorial Day, many ladies assisted their SCV Camps with the service and/or placed wreaths.

Goldsboro, NC, we were asked to assist members of Prairie Rose OCR Chapter 48 from Richmond, Texas on April 9, 2016 to do a re-dedication of a grave of Jared K. White who was a member of Terry’s Texas Rangers. He was killed at the Battle of Goldsboro in 1865.

Society of the Black Rose

Membership Requirements / Membership Application / Pin Order

Requirements for Membership in the Society of the Black Rose
* Black Rose members must be a dues paid member in good standing of the Order of Confederate Rose.
* Members must have a complete period mourning outfit, period appropriate partial mourning is also acceptable or a 
simple black skirt and blouse with a veiled bonnet.
* There is no membership fee, but you must be a dues paid member in good standing of the OCR.

Guidelines for the Society of the Black Rose
* Member will receive a membership certificate to the Society of the Black Rose signed by Yvonne Brown and Suzy Hager.

   This will be mailed to your states “Keeper of the Rite” and she shall in turn mail the certificate/pin to the member in her state.

* The Society of the Black Rose Membership Broach/Pin (for all states to use). To purchase one fill out the application below (even if you are a member) so we may have your up dated information. We will have pins at the Confederation Conventions and they are $15.00 each make your check payable to NCOCR.

* The Society will act under your state society with a coordinator “Keeper of the Rite” as a contact person who will contact the black rose members when mourners for dedications and memorial services are needed.

* The original Society of the Black Rose was formed in North Carolina and now has members in all the chartered States.

* We now have our own Society of the Black Rose Membership Pin (for all states to use). If you wish to purchase a pin, fill out the application (even if you are a member) so we may update your information. We will have pins; they are $15.00 ea. * Make your check payable to the NCOCR.

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