Black Rose Confederation Member of the Year

Society of the Black Rose

Confederation Member of the Year

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Deadline ~ must be received by April 15, 2018 at 6:00pm



Black Rose Confederation Member of the Year


  1. Must be a member in good standing of a Chartered State Society of the Order of Confederate Rose and a member of the Black Rose with in your state.
  2. Must perform service above and beyond the call of duty in her portrayal of a widow in mourning; as may be evidenced by the unselfish contribution to Southern Heritage in her persona of a Southern Lady in Mourning.
  3. Must consistently conduct herself as Southern Lady and uphold those traditional Southern beliefs and values in relationship to God, to Country and to Family.


Explain how this nominee has service the Southern Cause in the persona of a Southern Widow in an outstanding manner (a picture would be nice to include, but not required).  Cite specific contributions she has made. Use this form or you may email your nomination to:

Suzy Hager
1033 Ashford St.
Charlotte NC 28214
(704) 393-2132

With an email copy to:

Nominee ______________________________

State Society & Chapter ________      ______________________________________

Franklin 2018- OCR Confederation Convention