Who are the Order of Confederate Rose and what do we do?

The Confederate Rose are made up from all walks of life, races, and genders.  The Order of Confederate Rose is an independent Southern Heritage/History Organization.  It is our primary purpose to assist our Southern brothers – The Sons of Confederate Veterans in their projects and activities.  The rules are few and that allows us to add many of our own projects to those supporting the SCV.  The OCR promotes the honorable memory of the Confederate soldiers, Southern Symbols, true history, and true Southern Heritage.  We do not compete with the United Daughters of the Confederacy.  To be in the OCR you do not have to have lineage to a Confederate Soldier, only the desire to maintain Southern history and heritage.  We have Women “Roses” Men “Thorns” and Children “Little Roses and Thorns”  We study, do programs at schools, museums, and festivals.  We honor those who served in the War with dedications, memorials, setting flags, and even gravestones.  We have given financial support as available to many Southern causes.  Several of our members are “Black Roses” the ladies in black, mourning the Confederate dead at memorial services.  Some are re-enactors, traveling to battlefields and spend time dressing as our ancestors, attending “Teas”, living the persona’s of ladies from the past, and cheering on the boys in gray.  The OCR is a family organization where husbands and children as well as ladies are among our ranks.